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Who Are We?

PEOPLE & COMPANY is a specialist Headhunting and Placement Solutions agency that identifies and delivers human capital solutions with an indispensable focus on the growth and success of every client.

WE embrace change, think critically and are not afraid to shift from the way things have always been DO!ne. Despite a saturated arena, we aim to revolutionize Headhunting and Placement Solutions, focusing on Global Empowering Service Sectors such as Maritime, Oil & Gas, Banking & Finance, Information Technology, and Agency Exclusive Search.

Staying true to our core of well-founded relationship-based culture has allowed us a cutting-edge differentiation from the rest. In our technology driven world, we integrate passion, ethics, empathy, communication and above all, human-touch to create an eco-system that empowers both “People” and “Company”.


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People Say About Us

I highly recommend this company for the incredibly professional service and incredible work ethic

Technical Director

Excellent packages. Engaged them for the Deluxe Package and received in-depth market information and a full trasformation of my CV and cover letter, following a detailed phone consultation. My dedicated Headhunter worked excellently to ensure prompt delivery of engagement

Daniel Chan
Regional Manager

I like how my resume has been transformed into a polished and customised version.

Ivan Lim
Cloud Developer

My resume was a particularly complexed as I have possessed years of experience in various industries, coupled with gaps in between due to unforeseen circumstances. As People & Company guarantees, they managed to do an excellent transformation.

Project Manager

5* is how I would rate the R.E.S.T program. Rest assured, that whatever you're paying for is going to be well worth

Jeremiah Sim
Lab Technician

The deluxe package was really worth it. When it comes to quality and effectiveness you might want to think carefully about taking any chances to save a few hundred dollars. I would recommend their service without the slightest hesitation.

Yeo Wen Xiang
Fintech Sales Manager
People & COmpany

General FAQ

Who is People & Company?

We are an Executive Search and Headhunting Consultancy. We provide Recruitment and Placement solutions to companies of all sizes, within our listed areas of specialization.

Why the name People & Company?

We are in the trade of matching the right “PEOPLE” to the right opportunity in “COMPANY” and vice versa. Our name describes the entire core of our organization. WE DO!

How different is People & Company?

Company – We place primary importance on cultural compatibility of People to the opportunity in Company, to ensure longevity, sustenance and growth of both parties.

People – We do not float your profiles, but instead ensure we fit you to the deserving opportunity based on your transferrable offerings.

How many years of experience in the field?

Our team comprises of a combined 25-Years of superlative expertise in human capital and placement solutions.

What does our logo represent?

The logo is divided into a P and a C. The P in orange represents people and the C in blue represents Company. The overlapping of C and merging within the P, identifies the solidification of global economies run by People & Company. WE DO!

Why do you engage our services?

Our unique customized recruitment solutions for both Company and People is unprecedented and with a proven working system, we have been able to establish everlasting relationships with our clients.

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